Cambridge Satchel Can Let You Become a Social Butterfly

30. března 2012 v 4:36 | Cambridge Satchel

Jude remember several pre-season fashion had rise flow spike adornment, whether the handbag or clothing, all by the rich move feeling of the flow spike ornament, add national colors. Came to 2012 spring, the flow spike boom stage come back, appear in the latest fashion brand Cambridge satchel bag series, stylist more this time with the ear and exquisite process flow, make the design more rapidly.

The main series is fluro series, just as its name implies, the handbag with flow spike adornment is given priority to, but has to be full of handbags flow ear not burdensome feeling, it is very important, designers choose to soft leather making lamb, don't have fashionable breath. In addition, it is reported making this handbag need to spend a lot of time, because each part is not to step suture needle, but through the edge of the rivet handbag and thin a thin super viscose dimmers and into, so the bag with the ear adornment though surface flow, but no line in the eye and to highlight the consummate craft.

The handbag another have coffee, black, white and ivory is tonal, can be removed and the shoulder straps, also make match line to have more change. Another kind of Suede Frange series handbags, with small model is given priority to, of the green leather brand with fresh style, more by February's "Forbes" magazine selected for this year's It Bag, believe that because of its color is grab an eye to degrees, plus representative design and deep favor the from all walks of life.

Black and white and is the world's most original colour, black is absorbed all the light of the formation, white is reflects all light form. So so unique light sensor created with black and white no matter what colour collocation are perfect myth. No matter what the situation, as long as there are double black and white shoes, can let you relaxed dress to worry about.

Classic Cambridge satchel is very nifty and lovely can show your lively and outgoing personality. At the same time the gold thread trimming also very fair lady lasting appeal. The most suitable for is to the party communication situations, it can let you become a social butterfly.


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