Fashionable Cambridge Satchel Outfit is Tender and Innocent

21. března 2012 v 6:03 | Cambridge Satchel

Sixty-eight-year-old designer Vivienne Westwood with her practical action to tell us, Cambridge Satchel is tender not sin, "recognize old" just the most life-denying killjoys. To be honest sentence, the wrinkles in her face almost to the neck, but also with dozens of years to young models and filming together their own boyfriend print ads, and amplified to real people hang in the store size.

This is courage. A punk design of more than 30 years old lady still have such courage, facing a surge of candy colors, baggy trousers, jelly shoes, we should not fear more.
Cambridge Satchel is tender, absolute can't walk low-key route, but also score age, some people may be directly wear a copy of school clothing dress, but more people can only through the different collocation to cater to tide.

Many years ago a wireless TV series, had a classic role was "ocean", is WenBiXia actor, with a magnificent "drop bo is installed" (actually is thin shoulder unlined upper garment) dump beings. And now, this file tide again picking up, but the chun xia's design increase a jump naughty taste, design style is all turn to recreational motile, dew shoulder the range of the not too, chest usually have a huge portrait pattern or graffiti, it is said that this is the so-called "city taste".

Now, that all the young in Hong Kong every day in this dress up media interview, bunch of a wide belt, wear bull-puncher knickers or short skirt, feet on a pair of short boots, show dark tan willet sample thin legs, even if they are far to be "ocean" amorous feelings kinds, thus revealed of youth is enough also add cent.

Another thing is the same outfit is tender magic weapon is child unlined upper garment, and come to the Hollywood popular hierarch, down to the small white collar, everyone has a most proud of child unlined upper garment. About the benefits of it we also the inconvenience much said, but this year popular folk style pattern of design, if you insist on to go outfit is tender style, had better choose a few more bright-coloured colour, sleeveless paragraph and give priority to dozen of small sleeve, let whole line more jump to some.

Candy colors doesn't mean everyone can dress it, because accident prone, white-collar workers often says to its not, would rather wear black and white ash outfit also don't be adventure. Maybe be when you bring your fluro Cambridge satchel. Then you are the superstar in the street. You win, you are fashion.

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