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22. března 2012 v 6:37 | Cambridge Satchel

This season of nature gorgeous colour everywhere, from visual start, to stimulate the nerve of our fidgety. Research fashion Cambridge Satchel color, to you wear the clothes is not necessarily help, because you can't only dress yourself as general on T stage, but also try not to a depressive black now. Well, a new season purses, shoes and let we have scattering the trend of the use of color, this year latest fashion colour is no longer candy general gorgeous, but with a stream of Fluro, so Fluro Cambridge Satchel will be your best choice and presents a chilly bright.

Blue purple tone is a kind of adventure and mysterious color, sexy and implicative, noble and dark, Gucci09 chun xia female outfit none miserly series with the large turquoise, let a person remember the peacock tail to the Mediterranean or all kinds of deep shallow blue and green. Stylist Giannini with bright powder blue attune purple collocation of the green, such as the turquoise blue shirt and leaf pattern printing hale suit collocation, with New blue-green New Jackie handbags set off, carve out successful escape standard, to explore the pleasures like New kingdom's Gucci adventurer image.

Yes, blue purple tone is a kind of adventure and mysterious color, sexy and implicative, noble and dark, it in seven of bright color most outstanding, but took are elusive taste, and dressed in blue pants outfit, back to the long purple bag lady Gucci T stage pause in the moment, revealing her sadness.

This year also launched with Fluro Cambridge satchel to act the role of fashion, in the grass of Fluro series with different proportion of pink and yellow, it will particularly eye-catching.

article resource: http://cambridgebags.unrestrictedminds.com/star-model-of-fashion-cambridge-satchel-trend/

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