Duben 2012

The Ideal Match of Cambridge Satchel with Garment Suit

25. dubna 2012 v 5:12 | Cambridge Satchel

In Britain, there are many handsome and meaning suit style, we began to focus on these features to choose their own love. And at the street you can see that there are so many man wear suit match with Cambridge satchel.

Known as the origin of the custom suits British suit, can saying is the basic of all suit. The most obvious characteristics can show the size for the lumbar curve. In addition, the chest line also cannot ignore. These characteristics are the foundation of "the British style". These features are let such suit looks very nice reasons. In addition, founder of the shoulder outline, and long garment body also is British suit characteristics.

Classic Italy style into the back of Milan style and southern napoleon style, usually refers to napoleon style. Although initial is involved by the European designers of European business suit, but in the 1950 s, it established the real classic Italy style, loose clipping way, soft material and appearance is the main features, other than British suit and pay more attention to function, and the overall outline a round, garment body is relatively short.

No former plait, has the line feeling outline, natural shoulder shape, and 3 buttons as the main characteristics. Then created many similar style, of which 1970 s Ralph Lauren most representative, established has the English spirit "Britain and the typical" (New York traditional). Look like to machine sewing primarily both finished products.

Although custom-made suit more attention, but wear a suit or the current mainstream ready-made. Therefore, how to from many ready-made suit to select the ideal one? Size thinner people wearing big suits, or will hold to suit to the broken situation are should avoid. In addition to tailor before buying must outside, please grasp the key when try it on.

The first thing to remember is: suit is to rely on the shoulders to wear. The shoulders are too wide and too tight, are not fit me proof. As long as the shoulders fit, suit will wear to have a type good-looking.

Shoulder line is to pay attention to the details of the suit forever, because there is a thin layer of lining, so can make natural line. In addition to shoulder width besides, the following are how to wear a suit type.

Look to obey orders. The so-called "suit is to rely on the shoulders to wear", which is the key. If shoulder area apply during make-up words is no problem. The float is too tight or float is not fit me.

Along with chest ups and downs for beautiful, and shoulder width, chest part too loose or too tight is bad. To ending a little hold up will be fit.

The average length of the openings for 24-back 25 cm, in addition, to individual's height also has relations. Don't choose would completely cover the whole hip, or length too short a suit jacket.

All parts of the business suit pants are all hidden focus. Girth if too low may appear to be frivolous and not ideal. Hip: too loose or too tight is bad. In addition to pay attention, although low waist line more good-looking, but the part above the legs are too short words will appear vulgar. After the trousers body: common attention to not the trousers body after has to be paid.

If no firm shirt, can give a person very literally sense, so will moderate tuck in shirt. Pant leg: if it is a baggy pants, close and pant leg on vamp, if is a tight pants, standing under a bit to see the pants.

All in a word, when you wear the suite you can match classic Cambridge satchel, it can make you more handsome and gentleman. I think that will be your charming time.